Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big She-Bang V, and Balance

I am so excited--this Saturday, August 14th is the 5th Annual Big She-Bang put on by the NYC Feminist Collective "For the Birds." The Big She-Bang is an all-day feminist festival of art, music, foodies, tablers, rad crafters and organizations, and panel discussions on things I love to talk about, namely, feminist communication. We are getting at this theme through 3 lenses: 1, feminist creativity as communication, 2, communication surrounding emotional abuse and safe sex, and 3, exploring how to foster the voices and critical consciousness of youth in relation to media.

Yes, I know, this is not explicitly grief-related. But after a summer of planning this event while finishing up Issue 2 of The Worst, I did want to both publicize The Big She-Bang and also highlight it as an example of a way I find balance in my life. The womyn in For the Birds are the people in my life who dare to struggle against the immobilizing forces of loss and trauma and still try to create events and relationships that keep me motivated to do the work I need to do to heal myself.

I will be around all day and will have copies of "The Worst Issue 1" at the For the Birds Table so stop by!!!

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