Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time for the second issue!

So after taking a long break and making sure i took care of myself for a while, i am feeling ready to start the second issue.  I am excited, and also feeling the challenge of engaging with this material again.  So many amazing dialogues have opened for myself and others surrounding this project, and i know the momentum of that connection will carry me though it.
I am truly amazed at how the zine was received--by now over 500 copies of the first issue have been sold and I have been contacted by people all over the place.  I started this page so that i can give better updates on the process as i go, and post things that are interesting or relevant to radical grief.  If anyone wants to send anything my way to be posted here, just shoot me an email or post as a comment.  I saw Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore speak, and she discussed how blogging helps her to capture small bubbles of feelings and memories that come up during the day, and I think that this logic applies very well to the process of staying engaged with a public dialogue around grief.  

I am excited to cover new ground in the second issue of The Worst, and touch on topics that we missed in the first issue, or delve into them deeper or from a different angle.  its difficult to articulate how healing it has been for me to work on this project of putting our toughest experiences into words, and i am really excited to continue it!